Dragon Fruit On Ice - Juice Line E Liquid

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Dragon Fruit On Ice - Juice Line E Liquid

This rare, exotic fruit is something most of us have never tried before but recognize as that crazy looking thing at the grocery store that appears like it's from a whole other planet. Juice Line E Liquid has made it their mission to create a blend that allows people to enjoy this wonderfully delicious fruit that most people are wondering about giving a chance in an easy way. Dragon Fruit On Ice is bold, bright and as refreshing as a polar bear swim on New Years day. The outside might look like dragon scales that are green and bright pink, its leaves might look like thorns, when you cut it open, however, it has a silky smooth texture inside that tastes similar to a kiwi but with much more intensity. This blend takes the dragon fruit and gives it a dash of menthol that makes it taste like you have been chilling it in your fridge for hours giving you the ultimate amount of invigoration. Every vaper needs to have at least a couple different fruit flavored juices amongst their collection, there are the usual choices that are delicious and hold their own but this unique fruit blend is going to shake things up in a completely unique way. Trying new things and having new and exciting experiences is the catalyst for of advancement. Vaping a new juice flavor is a fantastic way to try new things in an easy way and this blend in particular is as true to real thing as can be. Please the adventurer inside of you. Maybe if you blow out some clouds at just the right time, a dragon might notice and swoop in to say a friendly hello!

Primary Flavors: Dragonfruit, Menthol

PG/VG: 30/70