Dragon - Komodo E Liquid

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Dragon - Komodo E Liquid 

Fierce, powerful and rare, dragons symbolize good luck. How appropriate because today is your lucky day! It's once in a blue moon that a juice this unique and flavorful comes out and changes up the entire game with its ability to recreate flavors flawlessly. Komodo E Liquid even manages to make the tastes they recreate better than the real thing! Do you think your taste buds can handle an experience that is this intense and unique? Exotic, distinct tasting passion fruit, succulent, juicy guava and vibrant, bold orange are all mixed together to make a fruit cocktail that will have your jaw drop. Your first instinct will be to call up all of your best friends and fill them in, it is your public service to inform others when you find a vape juice blend that is just that good. Imagine if you were an explorer who was one of the first from your region to ever go to a tropical climate and you happened upon all of these different fruits. What a wild and exciting experience that would be! Vaping this juice is like that first time you've ever tasted anything exotic or different, it redefines what you thought flavor really could be and gives you a new appreciation for vaping overall. Inhale and find your happy place that is full of calming, relaxing thoughts and positive vibes. This delectable fruit blend will allow you put your best foot forward and live the kind of life you strive towards. Dragon by Komodo E Liquid is definitely the vape juice you've always needed in your collection but never known about. There is a reason why fruit is sometimes referred to as nature's candy and this juice will back that up that saying!

Primary Flavors: Passionfruit, Guava, Orange