Dragonthol - DNA Vapor

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Dragonthol - DNA Vapor

With a fierce name and an even fiercer flavor, this blend isn't for the faint of heart. If you crave true intensity with an impact, you will be sure to get it right here from this juice that just radiates fresh, tropical taste. The way that this juice is able to give you so much fantastic boldness without ever becoming too overwhelming or unappealing. The balance that they offer is so impressive and right from the start as you begin to vape it, you are going to feel yourself becoming more and more attached to it and begin to think of it as a staple that you just can't go without. It might feel like winter is dragging on forever and ever but believe it or not, the summer will be back again before you know it. This is without a doubt a great addition to any vapers collections for those warmer months where you are going to need something to help you keep calm and refreshed. Kick those overheated blues and keep as comfortable and content as ever as long as you have a juice option like this one by your side keeping you happy. DNA Vapor makes some really impressive juices that are going to quickly grab your attention and have you wishing that you could get more of them just as quickly as can be. They have got this great way of coming up with far-out flavor combinations that are made to stun and impress. Dragonthol is a mix of dragon fruit and menthol that is going to impart a massive amount of loud, liveliness into the mix that will leave you in an unstoppable mood.

Primary Flavors: Dragon Fruit, Menthol