DREAM - VOOST Fortified E Liquids

Brand: VOOST Fortified E Liquids

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DREAM - VOOST Fortified E Liquids

DREAM is the e liquid that is going to possibly make you feel relaxed to the point that you want to lay down and start dreaming away. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are mostly going to taste the vanilla flavor feeling welcomed as it enters your mouth. The vanilla is going to be smooth and rich as it travels around your palate and gives you all of the sweet notes it has ready for you. The velvety sensation is just going to sink on your taste buds so that you can fully appreciate all of the hints that this blend has in store for you. it might even feel a little creamy, but not too much. Suddenly, you get a couple of lavender hints, but their scent is what is strong and makes you feel as if you have some of its oils in front of you.  When you exhale, you are going to let the gentle clouds make their way out of your mouth and gather around you as if they were creating some kind of cot mobile on top of you and put you to bed. The scent that they carry is going to be like no other, and you might want to go for a second hit, but you might also be ready to create some Zs. Stop stressing out about the work day tomorrow, and enjoy some peaceful time with this e liquid that is going to be memorable. 

Primary Flavors: Vanilla, Lavander, Melatonin