Dreamy Kisses - Lips & Drips E Liquid

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Dreamy Kisses - Lips & Drips E Liquid


With a tempting taste that may spring to mind thoughts of chasing after the neighborhood ice cream truck, this blend recreates a nostalgic and complementary flavor. Dreamy Kisses by Lips & Drips E Liquid comes in a 60ml bottle size with 0mg, 3mg and, 6mg nicotine strengths to pick from. With its familiar taste, this juice has a more sophisticated and upgraded profile due to the careful layering of flavors. This allows for a more complex, nuanced overall feel that makes this juice more interesting for those who enjoy detailed options. Lips & Drips E Liquid has come out with a wide range of creative juices that offer one of a kind tastes and smooth textures that allow them to be pleasant daily use selections. This brand carefully picks out the ingredients that go into all of their product's formulas and is always striving to come out with blends that offer something different and, exciting to the market. Dreamy Kisses is a combination of bold, refreshing orange with creamy vanilla ice cream that comes together in a cohesive way to make for a well-rounded and, balanced juice that's capable of tackling your nicotine cravings.

Primary Flavors: Orange, Vanilla, Ice Cream