El Chapo - Milkeebunz Salt E Liquid

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El Chapo - Milkeebunz Salt E Liquid

Do you ever walk by a bakery or the food court at the mall and smell the enticing scent of freshly baked goods? There is nothing that can attract a sweet tooths attention quicker than a treat being pulled right out of the oven. This blend is going to give you all of the good qualities that come from a sweet snack that was made with love and care but without all of the sugar and calories that happen to come along with it. When you go to take an inhale of this juice, you are honestly going to believe that you just had something that was made in your Grandmothers kitchen. It really is amazing the way that this blend seems to have so many different layers of detail and flavor that all come together to make this perfectly interesting, heart-stopping recreation of a dessert that few of us would have the will power to actually pass up. Now, you never have to go without that scrumptious taste that tempts you at every turn thanks to this delectable blend that will show up exactly when you need it the very most. Milkeebunz Salt E Liquid really has a way of making creative, interesting blends that are set apart from so many of the different juices that are currently being released. El Chapo takes a perfectly baked pastry, covers it in some spicy cinnamon and then tops the whole thing off with some vanilla icing and ice cream.

**This product is made with salt based nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Pastry, Cinnamon, Ice Cream, Vanilla