Fo Fizzle - Ohm Caps! E Liquid

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Fo Fizzle - Ohm Caps! E Liquid

When you pour a glass of pop, that telltale fizzing noise lets you know that it's fresh and extra bubbly! This sign of refreshment is something that we all look for as soon as we crack a bottle of this sweet, hard to get enough of drink that is unfortunately not very healthy for us to enjoy. This juice blend is going to give you all of the things that you look for in a soda but without all of that sugar and those bubbles that have us bloated and hiccuping. With a more gourmet taste, this may remind you of one of those artisanal Italian sodas that you can get from a specialty shop. Anyone with a more sophisticated pallet will appreciate all of the details and find that this gives you just the right balance of traditional charm and exciting individuality that gets your blood pumping. With an invigorating taste that will have you feeling revived and ready for action, every inhale is going to leave you feeling brighter and more satisfied. It won't take much for you to become a hopeless fanatic of the entire Ohm Caps! E Liquid Line and wanting to try each and every option that they have. Ohm Caps! E Liquid makes soda pop inspired juices that will have you smiling from ear to ear and so happy to have them in your life. They are doing something that is completely different and so easy to appreciate. Fo Fizzle is a bold and interesting option that will make your taste buds stand at full attention. It combines a sparkling soda base with some intense and refreshing blue raspberries in an unforgettable combination that you will be absolutely enthralled by.

Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Soda