Frosted Cereal - Loud E Liquid

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Frosted Cereal - Loud E Liquid

We are sure that you will really like this rendition of a classic breakfast favorite. It is such a well paired flavor that brings together savory and sweet to make something that's really special. Anyone who tries this juice is automatically struck by just how close to the real thing that this blend tastes. It just has this fantastic flavor about it that will stop you in your tracks and turn you into a believer that anything is possible. Everyone knows that breakfast foods are special, they set the tone for how we start our day and can be that little extra something that automatically puts you into an amazing positive mood that sorts out everything. This is a really spectacular exhibit on how accurately that a juice can be made and as soon as you vape with it you are going to be in such an excited mood that you want to tell everyone that you know about how miraculous that it is. The amount of time and care that's gone into this juice is extraordinary and for that, it is a must try that deserves a spot in every collection. Loud E Liquid creates such a huge range of different, completely unique juices is going to make it so that each and every whim that you have is taken care of. The texture that all of their juices is given is so incredibly smooth that you won't be able to ignore how high quality and lovely that it really is. Frosted Cereal takes those savory cereal flakes that we are all familiar with and adds in a sugar topping and loads of creamy cool milk that adds just the right amount of richness.

Primary Flavors: Cereal, Sugar, Milk