Fruit Smash - Preme Salts E Liquid

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Fruit Smash - Preme Salts E Liquid

This delectable fruity mashup will be one for the ages with its undeniably delicious flavor that has so many wonderfully scrumptious aspects added into it that you really don't know quite what to do with yourself. As soon as you take an inhale, that will be it. You are going to feel your spirits flying high and wonder just how you were able to live without it in your life for such a long time. A fruit-based juice will take you far and this one, in particular, is going to drive you absolutely crazy with just how full-bodied and delicious that it is. When you find in need of something light and refreshing that is going to make sure that you are completely and totally satisfied in every way that you can imagine, this blend is most definitely going to be it. As you take an inhale, you will find yourself falling into this land of luscious greenery that has fresh produce all around. No one can deny that this juice is a true powerhouse that is always able to come through and make you feel simply sensational. Preme Salts E Liquid makes a really impressive line of delicious juices that are going to make want to stop what you're doing and pick up every single last one of their offerings. Their quality is absolutely amazing and the texture is as smooth as silk. The flavor Fruit Smash is an enchanting combination of sweet, juicy blackberries and succulent, exotic lychee fruit that will put your taste buds into fits of passion that you will never, ever want to get them out of ever again.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Blackberry, Lychee