Fruity Bubblegum - Prophet E Liquid

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Fruity Bubblegum - Prophet E Liquid

The prodigy vape juice producers at Prophet E Liquid have done it again so you better stock up because this juice is going to fly off of the shelves. You know those crazy food combinations that we all imagine up when our cravings are running wild, some of them are completely out there but others would be over the top delicious if you ever dared to put them into action. So take action without having to get your hands dirty with this blend that has been made by the creative minds at Prophet E Liquid. They are making the flavors that were once just daydreams caused by grumbling stomachs. Feel your heart well up with joy and a playful, goofiness come out that could only have been made possible by sweet, unique combination of tastes that will feel like a candy shop has exploded in your mouth. Snag a classic piece of that soft, squishy bubble gum that makes the biggest bubbles possible and give it a hint of fresh, zesty citrus and super sweet cotton candy to make this vape juice blend that will have you in a state of absolute awe. You can't help but marvel at just how well all of the different flavors come together to make one cohesive blend. There are times where we feel as though we have tried everything out there and that there are few new flavors that we have the option of experiencing for the first time. This juice will have those who are in search of that elusive adventurous taste finally satisfied. When your collection just isn't doing it for you anymore, you need something to breathe new life into it and this blend will do just that.

Primary Flavors: Fruit, Candy