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Fruity Dragon - Jvapes E Liquid
$ 22.99
Fruity Dragon - Jvapes E Liquid
Fruity Dragon - Jvapes E Liquid
$ 22.99
Product Description

Fruity Dragon - Jvapes E Liquid 



This exotic fruit will be the star of the show, but it might need the help of a couple others in order to give you a phenomenal sensation. Fruit Dragon is the e liquid that will allow you to taste the unique dragon fruit with a couple hints of other fruits. When you take a pull of this e liquid, the dragon fruit is almost automatically potent; nothing too overwhelming, but it is making a statement. As you keep inhaling, you get a couple other fruity hints, but none of them are as noticeable as the dragon fruit. As the flavors hang out in your mouth, you can taste how rich the dragon fruit is because it might almost make your mouth water. Your taste buds might be going crazy already because they know a delicious blend when they taste one. The fruits smoothly make their way down your throat and you cannot wait to taste the extra hints once they get down. The dragon fruit is making you want to take a trip to Chinatown because you know they will have the best ripe dragon fruits there. While you are there, might as well pick up a couple other fruits and make yourself a fruit salad similar to the one you are vaping now. When you begin to exhale, you get more of the fruity hints that this e liquid has to offer. You begin to taste this lingering dragon fruit flavor that does not upset you and leaves shortly after. The clouds are getting big and the smell they are making is making you feel as if you have your nose in a bowl of an interesting fruit salad that really emphasizes on the dragon fruit addition. As the clouds slowly begin to disappear, it may be time for you to start going for a couple more hints. Come on, we know you want to! Besides, Fruity Dragon is going to give you a vaping experience that will most likely not going to compare to any of the other ones you have had in the past. 



Primary Flavors: Dragonfruit

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