Gingerbread Milk - Wisconsin Dairy Co.

Brand: Wisconsin Dairy Co.

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Gingerbread Milk - Wisconsin Dairy Co.

With a spicy, familiar flavor and smooth delivery, this unique blend made by the brand Wisconsin Dairy Co. E Liquid will be able to mitigate your cravings while providing a complex profile that can capture your senses full attention in an instant. It comes available in a 45ml bottle size with 3mg as well as 6mg nicotine strength options for you to choose from. Formulated to provide a mild throat hit with respectable cloud production, this blend's carefully put together formula can make for a more impressive vaping experience. Wisconsin Dairy Co. E Liquid is popular for its lineup of fully-flavored, wholesome vape juice blends that have more creamy overtones. They use nothing but top of the line elements in the construction of all of their different products and painstakingly work on their formulas until they have been truly perfected. Gingerbread Milk starts off with a smooth, refreshing milk base that's been infused with gingerbread cookie style flavors for a warm, comforting taste. Nostalgic and balanced, this selection has just the right amount of sweetness that allows all of the different elements within it to shine.

Primary Flavors: Gingerbread, Milk