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Gold 35 Sour Candy – Crown E Liquid
$ 7.99
Gold 35 Sour Candy – Crown E Liquid
Gold 35 Sour Candy – Crown E Liquid
$ 7.99

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Primary Flavors
Product Description

Gold 35 Sour Candy – Crown E Liquid



Some of us do not mind a little sour candy to make our taste buds go wild. This e liquid will try not to make your face pucker up too much because it wants to try and make you fall in with this e liquid. Sour Candy is an e liquid that will give you the tingly sensation some of us look for when consuming candies that happen to be sour. When you begin to inhale this e liquid, you start feeling as if someone just handed you a pack of sour gummy bears or sour straws, and you could not help but put all of them in your mouth at once. However, the sour taste is not as bad as you thought it would be. Yes, you are able to tell that this blend is a pungent one, but it is not one that is unbearable. The candy is also providing you with some sweetness to give the e liquid a sweet and sour combination, with of course more focus on the sour. After you have grown used the sour flavor, you begin to appreciate how delicious the e liquid actually is. The sourness was fun, and the flavor is divine. As you keep savoring this e liquid you begin to remember all the sour goodies you used to consume when you were younger and how much you laughed when people could not handle it. A puckering face can be funny to watch but might make you feel silly to do. As you slowly exhale, you get more of the sweet and sour taste, while also perhaps getting a couple hints of fruit. You gaze up at the clouds that you are creating and they are huge and aromatic. The experience was an entertaining one and there is always room for another puff. With 30ml of e liquid available in every bottle, you can enjoy Sour Candy without having to get dressed and walk to the grocery store.



Primary Flavors: Candy


PG/VG: 30/70

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