Gold Blend - Nasty Juice E Liquid

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Gold Blend - Nasty Juice E Liquid

As bright and illuminating as a sunny summer day, Gold Blend by Nasty Juice takes a classic, old school tobacco flavor and gives it new life with their incredible attention to detail when producing this complex blend. At first inhale you'll taste an earthy, rich tobacco that will remind you of the classic American tobacco that we all know and love but when you exhale this juice, you will taste a mild, authentic almond note that adds the perfect amount of nuttiness that plays perfectly with the deepness of this blend. Wonderfully genuine and multidimensional you are going to fall in love with how sophisticated and classy this flavor profile is. The perfect company for day-long vaping that will keep up your interest and have you drawn to it time and time again above anything else in your collection. Gold Blend by Nasty Juice is the top of the line as far as vaping goes and you truly can't go back to anything less than excellence after welcoming this lovely mix into your life. Fall in love with vaping all over again with this hand crafted, top of the line, high quality blend that knows just how to hit all of the right spots and leave you feeling relaxed and calmed. Quit the habit in style with Golden Blend, a juice that will make you forget about the real thing with its ability to realistically recreate the taste you crave so very much! If you are after a new day to day vaping blend that has a full, balanced taste and a smooth, velvety feeling that has this juice go down as easy and wonderfully as it tastes. Perfection in a bottle, gold is the perfect name for this vape juice!

Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Almond

PG/VG: 30/70