Goldz - ELC E Liquid

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Goldz - ELC E Liquid

A good tobacco blend is invaluable, it's going to be one of those staples that you can constantly keep on coming back to and it will be a massive help in assisting those who are turning to vape as a way to help quit smoking to kick the habit. When you come across a blend like this, it really is one of those pivotal moments in your vaping career where everything takes a turn for the better. When you vape something of this quality, your standards automatically are raised and you start to expect a lot more out of your blends all together. Whenever you go to vape this classic tobacco blend, you are going to feel like you could close your eyes and really believe that you're experiencing the real thing. It's absolutely astounding how well that this blend is able to fill the need for a classic, tobacco flavor and do it with so much attention to detail and a silky smooth texture that adds so much to the experience that you are never going to be able to get enough of. ELC E Liquid is going to really take you by storm with their juices that are made with so much time, skill and passion that they are going to continuously pop up time and time again in your tanks. Goldz is a straight up, bold tobacco flavor that is made to please. 

Primary Flavors: Tobacco