Gorilla Tactics (Flavor Free) - Freedom E Liquid

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Gorilla Tactics (Flavor Free) - Freedom E Liquid

You might take a moment to scratch your head after seeing that this juice is completely flavor free. Once you see the wide range of possibilities that it's able to open up for your vaping routine, you aren't going to know quite how to go without it. This is a versatile product that is going to be able to be added into any of your other pre-existing blends to be able to boost the nicotine levels and therefore, increase your level of satisfaction with every inhale that you take. Even if you want to vape this liquid on its own, you can get a clean, flavorless experience with the same level of fulfillment and cloud production that you look for. Made by Freedom E Liquid, this juice is all natural, made with USP and Kosher ingredients, this juice comes in 3mg, 6mg and 12mg nicotine strengths. For a completely personalizable and unique vaping experience, a juice like this is going to make a massive impact on your collection. As you bring this selection into your own repertoire, it will very swiftly become one of your most treasured vaping possessions that you're able to really be able to get your dollars worth out of.

PG/VG: 20/80