Gorudo - Yami Vapor E Liquid

Brand: Yami Vapor E Liquid

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Gorudo - Yami Vapor E Liquid 

There's always that one person in your friend group who seems to constantly be after that new adrenaline rush. They're the first to try something new, always daring and live their lives bold. That infectious zest for life spreads around to everyone else, making them take those measured risks and enriching their own lives as well. This blend is going to be able to do that and so much more with its combination of flavors that are almost unheard of in the vape juice realm. The way that the different blends from this line are going to feel is absolutely exceptional. It is going to make a massive splash on your repertoire and make you feel super excited about being able to pull them out and show them off to anyone who comes around. Those who are less than adventurous are going to come to see that this juice is really delicious in a unique and wonderfully different kind of way that you just can't help but fall for. Widen your horizons and let your wild side out with this juice that is revolutionary in every sense of the world. Yami Vapor E Liquid is a line that makes some really out of this world selections that are going to find themselves filling up your mod more times than not. They use only the very best of the best ingredients when it comes to their different juices. The flavor Gorudo absolutely stuns with its slow roasted Japanese sweet potato flavor that has just the right amount of richness that will have you letting out a sigh of pure pleasure as soon as you take an inhale. You're not going to find another blend out there that comes close to this!

Primary Flavors: Sweet Potato