Grandma's Secret Info - Primus Vape Co. E Liquid

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Grandma's Secret Info - Primus Vape Co. E Liquid

Those select top secret recipes that Grandma is so well known for are some of the most heavily guarded treasures that you can come by. If you are smooth enough to finesse them out of her, you will be well aware that even if you follow those directions as closely as can be, they still don't come near what she makes. That extra something can only come from the love and care that Grandma puts into everything that she makes and somehow, this blend has been able to capture that warm, comforting feeling with its way of taking one of the most delicious dessert flavors and turning it into a completely authentic and true to form vaping form. You can go to the highest rated, most exclusive bakery in town and still not be able to get the soulful, realistic flavor that this blend has been able to bring to life. It's got all of that decadence and complexity that you look for with a pop of fresh flavor that is going to lighten things up a tad and make it so that this blend will make for a great all day, everyday choice for anyone who loves their sweets. Primus Vape Co. E Liquid is a line that has created a huge range of different blends that will have an option for anyone out there. They have an exceptional skill for accurately recreating all of the flavors that we love as well as coming up with some new, more unique vaping options that will keep you on your toes. Grandma's Secret Info starts out with a buttery, flaky pie crust that is filled with a zesty, fresh lemon tart and then topped off with a stiff, melt in your mouth meringue over top.

Primary Flavors: Meringue, Pastry, Lemon