Grape - Dream MTL E Liquid

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Grape - Dream MTL E Liquid

So succulent and sweet, it's no wonder that grapes are so prevalent in old paintings of rich and powerful historical figures from centuries ago. Have you ever heard the saying 'fruit is natures candy'? There's no hard evidence backing this up but we have a sneaking suspicion that whoever came up with this phrase was most likely inspired by grapes. This blend by Dream MTL E Liquid has really taken that flavor that's garnered a legion of followers and has recreated it with the respect that it deserves in this well thought out and flawlessly executed vaping option. Whenever you choose to pop this blend into your MTL device you are going to see that it has this way of giving you just the right amount of boldness and an impressive satisfaction can only be described as iconic. The moment that you taste it, you are going to imagine yourself on a vineyard tour somewhere in the South of France, during peak season, having the time of your life. Can you imagine how stunning that it is to see row upon row of vines covered in plump, juicy, ripe grapes? It's hard to stop your mouth from watering at the mere thought and now you can have access to this stunning flavor whenever you please. Grape comes through loud and clear with that vibrant flavor you've come to expect and a hint of watermelon that adds another level of delicious flavor for your taste buds to enjoy.

Primary Flavors: Grape, Watermelon