Grape Sugar - Signature Collection E Liquid

Brand: Signature Collection E Liquid

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Just thinking about this blend is enough to get anyone's blood pumping, it's got such a bold, interesting taste to it that you are going to set your alarm in anticipation of your vape break. When you're sitting in the office, waiting around, tapping your pen when it's time to go out and vape you are going to jump up and feel like a completely different person. Sometimes it's the little things that really make the biggest difference and when you have a long, monotonous day in front of you, like we all do, being able to reach for something like this is going to make a world of difference. This juice masterfully combines together flavors that work exceptionally well with one another and make for an overall taste that will be able to energize you with its jolt of brightness the very moment that you take an inhale. This is one of those great blends that will stay relevant and keep you on your toes even if you've been vaping it forever. This is a standout that's unique while still having a bit of familiarity to it, you are going to want to keep it close by at all times. Signature Collection E Liquid makes some really noteworthy selections that have a lot of time, care and skill put into them. They have an eye for detail that ensures all of their options are as realistic as can be. Grape Sugar pairs together succulent, juicy grapes with some tart sugar.

Primary Flavors: Grape, Sugar