Green Apple - Big Bubble E Liquid

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Green Apple - Big Bubble E Liquid 

That tart tangy flavor that grabs your taste buds and refuses to let go is here and it is going to give you such an interesting candy like zing that will end up being one of the most reached for juices in your entire collection. There is something that is absolutely irresistible about this flavor that is going to make it so that you can always get that amazing, bold taste that you desire whenever you need it, with absolutely no worries about those treacherous sugar bugs that make for killer cavities that totally bring down your mood. If you love being able to chew a nice big wad of soft, pliable bubble gum in your mouth and blow an impressive bubble, you are going to love how this juice gives you a silky smooth texture that will allow you to blow huge plumes of vapor that will be just and entertaining and fun. Who says that you can't let your silly side out every once in a while? We can all use something in our lives that will be able to remind us to be a little bit more playful and carefree and a juice like this is going to be just what you needed to accomplish that. Big Bubble E Liquid is a line that focuses all of their amazing skill and talent on making bubble gum inspired juices that will add so much more joy into your day to day routine. Green Apple takes your classic, super sweet bubble gum base and infuses it with some super tart, tangy green apple flavor that will bring a crisp, freshness into the mix that you won't be able to grow tired of. 
Primary Flavors: Green Apple, Bubble Gum
PG/VG: 20/80