Green Flash - Coastline E Liquid

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Green Flash - Coastline E Liquid

Make your way to a wonderful orchard and you will discover several different types of apples that are going to be juicy, sweet, and maybe even tart. Get invited to a candy factory, and you will be introduced to several pieces of fruity sweets that are going to be iconic. Thanks to Coastline E Liquid, they did both and now we can indulge in Green Flash. This e liquid is going to be one that makes you taste buds tingle and your mouth water with all of their unique notes. When you take a hit of this blend, you are going to be exposed to a flavorful experience like no other. You are going to taste the succulent green apples that were used to makes this vape juice more interesting than you were expecting. A couple of granny smith apples might do the trick in giving you the tart sensation you need. The hints are going to be amazing as they roam around your mouth making sure they hit every spot that convinces you that keeping this blend around is the way to go. As you continue to breathe in, you will notice the e liquid getting sweeter as the sugary notes get more potent. They are going to be incredible and possibly give you a tiny sugar rush like you used to get when you were a kid. Sugar used to have you bouncing off the walls especially when you used to consume several pieces of candy. The smoothness of this e liquid is going to make it easy for it to travel down your throat and give you the small throat hit that it has to offer. Do not be afraid because it is not going to be as intense as some other vape juices. Exhale when you need to and you will love seeing your cloudy friends makes their way out. Have fun with them and then take a couple of more hits that are going to keep on being incredible. 

Primary Flavors: Apple, Candy