Guava Reds Apple Ice - Vape 7 Daze

Brand: Vape 7 Daze

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Guava Reds Apple Ice - Vape 7 Daze

If you thought that the original Guava Reds Apple flavor was refreshing, wait until you get a blast of invigoration from this icy cold blend that retains all of the flavor that you already love but with a little more punch to it. When you're feeling just a little bit bogged down and frustrated by the heat, reaching for this selection is going to be so lovely. It just has this pure, clean kind of taste to it that is amplified by just the right amount of intensity that keeps things impactful and satisfying. When you pick this blend up, you are going to feel this shiver of excitement run down your spine making you anticipate that long-awaited inhale so much more, if you even thought that was possible. Forget about sitting around at the office, with a less than functioning air conditioning system, with a bunch of other moody people around you, dispising the weather. Skip out for your break, hit the fire button on your mod and taste the refreshing and cooling flavor that is inside of this juice so that you are able to find your happy place. Vape 7 Daze E Liquid makes super delicious juices that take a basic, staple flavor that everyone can enjoy and adds other fruits into it to keep things interesting. Guava Reds Apple Ice brings together that classic apple juice base, adds in tropical guava and some menthol.

Primary Flavors: Guava, Menthol, Apple