Gush-N-Mango - Gush-N E Liquid

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With an impressive flavor that is able to brighten up any mood, allow this fun and fruity blend to enter your life and make you feel like a million bucks. We all have those mornings where we wake up and find ourselves flat out uninspired. Whether you've been doing the same thing day in day out or just need a change of scenery in general, it's not easy to shake things up with a big move or a hastily planned trip. To bring that adventure and variance back into your life, you can reach for this blend that has a stunning exotic flavor that will have you believing that you're in paradise. The taste that it offers up is so unmistakably authentic that you are never going to be able to get over how it's able to take this delicacy that we all love and make it in a way that your brain won't be able to distinguish between. If you were to close your eyes as you take an inhale, you may honestly believe that you're having the real deal, if it wasn't for the lack of sticky juices getting all over your hands. Gush-N E Liquid makes juices that are so downright delicious that you just can't help but finding yourself gushing about them to everyone that you can. Gush-N-Mango offers up a bright, bold mango flavor that is so juicy and succulent that it will be a sure way to keep yourself refreshed.

Primary Flavors: Mango