Guy - Pink Gorilla E Liquid

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Guy - Pink Gorilla E Liquid


Is there anything that is as delicious as cheesecake? Honestly, it’s one of the most perfect desserts. Even people that don’t really like dessert usually enjoy some type of cheesecake. It’s a creamy, rich food that comes in so many varieties that everyone can find something they like. At the end of the day, however, nothing beats the taste of original cheesecake. It’s a classic flavor that has a mild, slightly sweet taste. What’s great about original cheesecake, however, is the fact that it’s a building block for any sort of toppings you’d like to add. You can build up or scale back with classic cheesecake. Guy, a blend by Pink Gorilla, understands the subtleties of fantastic dessert creation. This flavor takes the mellow taste of cheesecake and builds on in a subtle, delicate way to create a vaping sensation that will knock your socks off. Creamy, smooth cheesecake flavor is mixed with a crust made of semi-sweet, crumbly graham cracker. The entire thing is topped with warm, thick caramel sauce, adding a much-needed dose of sugary goodness to an otherwise mild flavor. With all the tastes coming together, you get an unstoppably delicious blend that is as good as a slice of cheesecake. The flavors all work in perfect harmony, making a flavor profile that is sweet, but not overwhelming or overpowering. Instead, you get a taste that is a delicate balance of creamy, sweet, and savory. Pink Gorilla guarantees a flavor-packed juice that is so even, you get an easy hit every time. From beginning to end, Guy is a thick, tasty vape that ensnares your senses and keeps you coming back. There is no limit with this delicious flavor: as a no-calories treat, you can come back to this vape again and again without damaging your diet. Taste the cheesecake flavor with a fantastic vape from Pink Gorilla. It’s the dessert sensation you can keep tucked in your pocket!

Primary Flavors: Cheesecake, Caramel