Hard Apple Candy - Candy King Salt E Liquid

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Hard Apple Candy - Candy King Salt E Liquid 

Nothing tastes better than a tart green apple that is going to be sweet and juicy? Actually, maybe if it was in a vape juice that contained some salt based nicotine will hit the spot. Hard Apple Candy is the name of the salt e liquid that is part of the classic Candy King Salt E Liquid collection. This collection brings sugary and candy to a whole new level, and this vape juice clearly proves it. Gently take a hit and you will notice the ripe green apples that were used to create this blend. They taste juicy and put you in a peaceful state as if you were hanging out in an orchard. However, this orchard did not grow different types of apples, but it grew one kind that many people cannot stop asking for. The green apples make your taste buds go wild as they are packed with only the best hints. The green apples make your mouth water as they spread their amazing flavor around your palate hoping that it hits the right spot to keep you coming back for more. This is a piece of fruit that always has a lot to offer, but you begin to get this sweet sensation from that candy flavor that only makes the trip better. A nostalgic feeling comes over you, and it makes you feel like you are a kid again sneaking around as you try to indulge in as many pieces of candy as you’d like. Your parents fear the sugar rush that comes next, yet this salt e liquid will not do such a thing to you. Besides, you are all grown up so parents can go kick rocks. The blend makes its way down your through and you are shocked by the throat hit that is smooth and intense. This should not be surprising since you knew what some salt based nicotine does to a vape juice. Enjoy this salt e liquid for as long as you want because it makes you feel incredible inside. 

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Apple