Harvest Crumble - Loud E Liquid

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Harvest Crumble - Loud E Liquid

This delicious treat will have you wistfully thinking of crisp fall mornings where the air has a slight chill to it. As much as most of us love the summer, there comes a point where all of that fun in the sun becomes a little bit tiring and we need a change! This juice is going to give you that sweater weather feeling that we all embrace with open arms with its flavor that is so seasonally delicious that you might not know quite what to do with yourself. If one thing is for certain, it's that homemade desserts are the best way to give you comfort and warm up your heart. This wholesome dish will definitely fit the bill and make it so that you can get all of that satisfaction that you desire and so much more without having to stress over preparing it and then dealing with all of the rigorous cleanups. This is just what you really needed to be able to get loads of great flavor on the run sans the consideration about calories and sugar. It really is a juice that gives you a win, win situation that is going to positively impact your entire life. Loud E Liquid is always coming up with really stellar options that make it so that you always have the choice to be able to find the cravings that are targeting you and take care of them quickly. Their products are top of the line quality and we have a feeling that you are going to really enjoy them a lot. Harvest Crumble combines a savory pastry with some sweet, crisp pear, a light touch of fig and some dreamy vanilla ice cream.

Primary Flavors: Pastry, Fig, Pear, Vanilla, Ice Cream