Havana - Coil Spill E Liquid

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Havana - Coil Spill E Liquid

This rich tobacco mix is going to capture your heart with its irresistible flavor that's so smooth that you might think that it's trying to seduce you. Fact is, no matter how hard that you try to resist, you will find yourself coming back to this blend for its way of bringing authentic flavors together in a complementary way. This option really does have all the makings for a daily juice blend that will set you right and make it so that you are always able to get that fulfillment that you crave. Just a few short inhales are going to make it so that you realize this is a special option that you are definitely going to end up purchasing spares of. It just has that all-encompassing, whole-bodied flavor with just the right amount of boldness that sets everything off perfectly. Coil Spill E Liquid is a brand that believes that everyone should be able to access a little bit of luxury. They have formulated their juices in such a way that you get the most authentic. smooth and high-quality experience out of them which will make you feel pampered beyond your wildest dreams. Havana starts off with an original tobacco flavored base that has that classic taste that we're sure you're familiar with and then adds in just the right amount of hazelnut that amplifies that tobacco flavor even further.

Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Hazelnut