Honey Viper - Primus Vape Co. E Liquid

Brand: Primus Vape Co. E Liquid

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Honey Viper - Primus Vape Co. E Liquid 

With the shocking speed and prowess of a viper that's about to strike, this juice is going to give you a bold, exciting flavor that you are going to love having on those days where you wake up with adventure on the mind. There is nothing quite like those days where you have a few days off of work in a row, no pressing responsibilities and the time to do whatever you want. Having an impromptu road trip, trying out some new, exotic food or throwing yourself into a new hobby are some amazing ways to be able to add a little bit more of that passionate zest for life back into your routine. If you can't get out and do those things, your next best bet is trying out a new vape juice blend that is going to have you really looking forward to those times that you can fire up your mod and expose your senses to a new flavor profile that may just end up becoming one of your new favorites. We have a feeling that if you are the kind of person who looks for bold, bright, invigorating blends that give off an astoundingly positive energy, you are really going to dig this blend. Primus Vape Co. E Liquid is a line that reminds you to let out your wild side every once in a while. They come up with some of the most interesting flavor combinations and have a highly skilled way of recreating tastes so that they are as true to form as possible. Honey Viper brings together crisp, freshly cut apples with succulent, ripe succulent mango, light pears and some zesty clementine with a drizzle of sticky, sweet natural honey that will have your mouth watering for more after every vape session.

Primary Flavors: Apple, Pear, Mango, Clementine, Honey

PG/VG: 20/80