Honeydew Milk - Loud E Liquid

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Honeydew Milk - Loud E Liquid

Sweet, light and creamy, doesn't this juice sound like a dream come true? You will be simply enamored with this well thought out juice that is meant for all day use. It is that kind of all encompassing collaboration of flavors that ensures that all of your needs are met and you're not left wishing that you had something else. As decisive and certain as you may be, everyone has at one point or another taken a look at their juice collection and wondered just what kind of blend that they want to take along with them. If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning and find yourself running around like crazy to get yourself ready, this blend is going to be the no brainer that you love to have around to grab and go with. Everyone will be able to enjoy the crisp, sweet flavor that exudes from this magical blend and find that it is able to give an uplifting vibe that follows you around with absolutely everything that you do. The smooth texture is just another reason to fall in love with this blend even more than ever. Loud E Liquid creates a shocking array of different flavors that are going to capture your heart and wanting to make it your mission to try each and every one of their fun, unique blends. The quality is absolutely stunning and with every inhale it is going to become more and more delightful. Honeydew Milk combines a creamy, rich milk with some sweet, crisp honeydew melon that keeps things light and refreshing. Inhale this pure tasting blend and let all of your worries just float away into space.

Primary Flavors: Honeydew Melon, Milk