Honeyloupe - DNA Vapor

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Honeyloupe - DNA Vapor

This mysterious and rare flavor is going to come about and give you the refreshment of your life. Have you ever plunged into a cold pool in the beginning of the summer before that waters had a chance to warm up? That shiver that reaches down to the very core of your bones and has you feeling awakened and renewed is simply exhilarating and that fantastic feeling that you get out of this juice blend will be likened to that. This is a juice that has a way of bringing so much liveliness into your day that you won't be able to stop accomplishing those things on your to do list. Who has the time to sit around and watch television or play on their phones when they have this flavor imparting such an effective level of revival on them that immediately calls you to take action! DNA Vapor makes a line of truly unique blends that are all about offering up options to those of us who enjoy smooth, high quality blends that have impressive, bold flavors that are perfectly complex and true to form. Honeyloupe combines together honeydew and cantaloupe melons together in this lively option.

Primary Flavors: Honeydew MelonCantaloupe Melon