Humble Crumble - Humble Salts TFN E Liquid

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Humble Crumble - Humble Salts TFN E Liquid 

Humble Crumble is the vape juice that may probably make you tumble if you are not ready for what this blend has to offer. Of course, this is a product brought to us by the iconic Humble Salts TFN E Liquid collection, which is known for creating some of the best blends in the market from high-quality ingredients. The vape juices in this collection are infused with salt based nicotine to truly provide us with the intensity that many of us love. Humble Crumble is available in a 30ml bottle, and it can be enjoyed with a nicotine strength of 48mg. Pack this salt e liquid into your tank or refillable pod and begin treating yourself to some of the best vape trips that compare to no other. With every hit, one might feel as if they are enjoying a sugary pastry packed with several ripe and juicy blueberries. Feel the small crunchy sensation from the graham crackers and appreciate the cinnamon notes. Continue to hold this blend in and fall in love with the brown sugar hints that are kissing every single taste bud they come in contact with. Humble Crumble might be the blend you frequently turn to when you need your sweet tooth satisfied. 

**This product contains TFN (Tobacco Free Nicotine)** 

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Graham Cracker, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar