Ice Maui Waui - Smoozie E Liquid

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Ice Maui Waui - Smoozie E Liquid 

It always sucks when you plan to go to a tropical island for some relaxation, but a blizzard somehow hits it. Damn you global warming! However, when you take a pull of this e liquid, you might be thankful that global warming is not a myth. All right, this might be getting a little confusing. Ice Maui Waui is the name of the tropical e liquid that is going to be delicious because of the incredibly ripe fruits that were used to make it. When you take the first pull, you are going to feel as if you are enjoying a tasty cocktail that is probably the best one you might have had in a while. Clearly, the person who made it is a mixologist. However, you might have the palate of a four-year-old and not realize that this is actually a pre-made cocktail. Kidding! Everything you are going to taste is made from some of the freshest ingredients the creators of this e liquid were able to find. The pineapple in this e liquid is going to give you the tangy and sweet notes that it is packed with. The mango flavor is eventually going to make its way in and give you the creamy mango flavor that really puts you in the island adventure you have been seeking. Although the different flavors that are roaming might be overwhelming you in your mouth, you are going to appreciate the delicious strawberries that are getting more and more potent. The strawberries are going to give you a burst of sweetness that is going to make your taste buds tingle. Before you can even savor all of these fruits together, you are going to get the menthol flavor smoothly making its way in so that you can carefully taste every note that it has to offer. The icy sensation is going to travel down your spine as the flavors burst in your throat as the fruits give you a magnificent impact. 

Primary Flavor: Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry, Menthol