Iced Apple Kiwi Splash - Blaze Ice E Liquid

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Iced Apple Kiwi Splash - Blaze Ice E Liquid 

Open up the crisper and get a load of this freezing cold juice that is going to awaken and invigorate the very moment that you catch a bit of this juices fine flavor. When you get a hold of this juice, it's over! You're not going to be able to contain your excitement and passion for this juice that is able to encompass all of these great flavors and textures that come together to make an overall experience that will win your heart in absolutely no time. It's rare to be able to find a juice that is able to do just as much as this one does and it makes for one of the most valuable additions that you could ever add into your repertoire. You are going to absolutely go wild for this blend as soon as you try it and you are going to want to purchase a couple of extras to hide away so that you never have to go without that revitalization that you need to get through those warm, busy days that most definitely call for it. Blaze Ice E Liquid takes those beloved flavors from the original Blaze E Liquid line and they add in bone-chilling menthol that ups the coolness and has you feeling pure, clean and awakened. They really have this charm and fully wrapped up kind of essence about them that is going to be able to appeal to so many different vapers out there and give you something that is so very special. Iced Apple Kiwi Splash combines crisp, orchard-fresh apples with tart, exotic kiwis and just the right amount of freezing cold menthol that will have you bouncing off of the walls.

Primary Flavors: Apple, Kiwi, Menthol