Iced Red Razz - Juice Roll-Upz Salt E Liquid

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Iced Red Razz - Juice Roll-Upz Salt E Liquid


When it comes to vape juices, who doesn't love a blend with a little salt based nicotine? This extra ingredient allows every draw to deliver a powerful throat hit that increases the potency of the primary flavors, and it also enhances the overall experience of the vape trip.

Iced Red Razz is one of the many blends joining the Juice Roll-Upz Salt E Liquid collection and it is definitely satisfying the palates of many. This incredible salt e liquid is expertly crafted so that every single taste bud is able to enjoy every hint and note it has to offer.

Of course, Juice Roll-Upz Salt E Liquid it is already known as one of the collections that create sugary vape juices that perhaps provide many of us with a nostalgic sensation. Iced Red Razz is available in a 30ml bottle, which is pretty compact and comfortable to travel with. Pair this mouthwatering blend with one of two nicotine strengths, 25mg, and 50mg, and start treating yourself to an adventure like no other.

Savor the tart raspberries as they mingle with the sweet candy flavor. Eventually, a massive cool feeling seems to be roaming throughout the body. That is due to the rich menthol that is also included in the mix. After every exhale, make sure to admire the aromatic clouds that quickly surround us and encourage us to take another draw. 

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: RaspberryCandy, Menthol