Junior Replacement Coils - CKS

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Junior Replacement Coils - CKS 

It's always a good idea to have some spare coils around and this four pack of replacements is going to ensure that you can keep on using your Junior Pod Device by CKS. There's nothing worse than hyping yourself up for a vape session with one of those juices that get's your mouth watering at the very thought of it just to realize that you need to switch out your coil and there's none in sight. Sure you can sort through your entire home hoping to find some long forgotten pack of coils but there's nothing like the peace of mind that comes along with being prepared. This four pack of coils will be sure to give you some smooth running, delicious vape sessions that keep you satisfied and happy. With two different options available, you'll be able to pick out the coil option that fulfills your needs the absolute best. The Mesh Kanthal option is rated at 0.6ohms and meant for juices that are 70 percent VG and up while the MTL Kanthal option is rated at 1.0ohms and meant for juices between 50 and 70 percent VG. Finally, we have the ceramic coil that has a 1.5ohm rating that's to be used with high viscosity oils. 

Product Features:

  • Mesh Kanthal 0.6Ω: for use with 70VG and up vape juice
  • MTL Kanthal 1.0Ω: for use with 50-70VG vape juice
  • Ceramic 1.5Ω: for use with all high viscosity oils

Package Contains:

  • 4 x Junior Replacement Coils by CKS

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