Just Blues - Alt Zero E Liquid

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Just Blues - Alt Zero E Liquid

You'll have anything but the blues with this blend that's bursting with some of the boldest, full flavor that you've ever had the pleasure of vaping but without the stains that typically come along with them. The impeccable way in which they've combined the flavors together in this blend is going to make you wish that you could have gotten a hold of them quite some time ago. But don't look back, now that you've discovered the masterpiece which is Just Blues by Alt Zero E Liquid, you won't be able to deviate away from its refreshing qualities that set it apart from the rest of the fruit-based juices that are out there. The refreshment that it offers will be able to keep you awake, lively and truly feeling as though you're able to tackle anything that you set your mind to. The thing about Alt Zero E Liquid is that they come up with blends that take those staple flavors that are universally loved and lusted after and they've added some little twists and turns that keeps them new and exciting. Just Blues is going to really give you a lot of versatility with its irresistibly delicious combination of succulent, sweet blueberries and ripe, slightly tart raspberries that go together like a match made in heaven. If you crave revival, this blend is going to be ideal.

Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Raspberry