Just Yellows - Alt Zero E Liquid

Brand: Alt Zero E Liquid

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Just Yellows - Alt Zero E Liquid

The color yellow is one that most of us automatically connect with cheerful feelings and rays of sunshine. It is going to be miraculous just how this blend can make its way straight to your taste buds and give you this blast of truly brilliant flavor. Don't get it twisted though, this flavor has got a balanced flavor that's not all sweet, sugary goodness. It's got an interesting tart twist to it that is going to give this blend an added level of intrigue and dimension that gets you all worked up with every inhale of it that you happen to take. That's the thing with Alt Zero E Liquid though, they come up with blends that offer up much more than what meets the eye and they do it with this flare that lets their presence be known and gets you really worked up anticipating their next release. As they get into your senses and bring this brilliance, you will feel awakened and as though you want to make the very most of your day. Doing something that is unlike anything else that happens to be out there is what is able to get them to the very top and this selection, in particular, is going to allow for some really sensational sessions that will stop you in your tracks. Just Yellows is a tantalizingly tart take on those famous little bright yellow lemon flavored candies that are typically at the concession booth at the movie theater.

Primary Flavors: Lemon, Candy