Kapital Grape Ice - Icy SZN By Vape SZNS E Liquid

Brand: Icy SZN By Vape SZNS E Liquid

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Kapital Grape Ice - Icy SZN By Vape SZNS E Liquid 

On a warm summer day, the sun can be your worst energy. As it beams its rays at you, you begin to sweat and search for something that is going to give you a sense of coolness while also being delicious. Kapital Grape Ice is the name of the e liquid that will try to be the perfect one for you. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are quickly going to notice the grapes making their way inside of your mouth and giving you the sweet notes that always make you smile. The grapes are going to be so good that they are going to make your taste buds tingle for a long time. If you did not think that this e liquid can get any sweeter, then you clearly did not read the ingredients of this blend. The apples start to rush into your palate and you enjoy the juicy content that just drips all over your mouth. Suddenly, you feel a little something tart get more and more potent. You realize that this is a succulent kiwi joining the party. The kiwi thought that this blend was getting too sweet, so it needed to make its way inside and give you a little something different. A sweet and tart combination always makes your mouth water especially if it is coming from some of the best fruit that you just cannot get enough of. However, this is the e liquid that just keeps on giving, so when you better expect one last little flavor to make an appearance. You start to cross your arms as if you felt a breeze that is making you feel a little cool. That is no breeze because that is the refreshing menthol kick that is going to be like nothing you ever felt before. It feels like this e liquid goes from a yummy cocktail to a slushy that you are not going to stop enjoying for a long time. 

Primary Flavors: Grape, Apple, Kiwi, Menthol