Kapital Grape - Juicy SZN By Vape SZNS E Liquid

Brand: Juicy SZN By Vape SZNS E Liquid

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Kapital Grape - Juicy SZN By Vape SZNS E Liquid 

A holy trinity of fruits is what this e liquid is going to bring to you every time you take a pull. Kapital Grape is the name of the e liquid that is going to combine three succulent fruits that are going to be mouthwatering when they come together. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are going to notice why grape is in the title. The grape flavor is going to be so potent and make you feel as if the grapes used for this e liquid were found in a well-kept vineyard that uses their grapes specifically for wine. However, they clearly made an exception when it came to this e liquid because you can taste the grapes the same way you taste them when you pop a couple of them in your mouth. They are going to be so sweet, but there is another fruit in this blend that is going to increase the sweetness level. The juicy apple is going to be ripe and mix well with the grapes. The apple is so rich in flavor that you may wonder if this apple came from an orchard that uses their apples to create some of the best cider in the market. Think you can use a little something extra? Well, do not speak too soon because the tart kiwi is going to storm in and let you know that the sweetness has to come to an end. It is not going to completely overshadow the sweet notes, but it is certainly going to allow there to be a sweet and tart combination to occur in your mouth. These three fruits are going to be delicious together, and they get better as you let them travel down your throat so that they can give you the throat hit that this vape juice has to offer. Those who have a sensitive palate and can appreciate an incredible e liquid when they taste one should only enjoy a divine vape juice like this. 

Primary Flavors: Grape, Apple, Kiwi