Kendo Man - Sengoku Vapor

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Kendo Man - Sengoku Vapor

With a dazzling flavor that will stop you in your tracks, this juice has got everything that you could ever need to be able to find yourself in that light, bright mood where all of the magic really happens. With there being so many different fruit based blends out there to choose from, this line is going to have you in a spectacular kind of mood where you never want to have to go back from it. The fruit flavors that come together to make this juice what it is are really something special and as soon as you go to take an inhale, there is no way that you will ever go without it in your life ever again. We all know that along with the warmer weather comes a need to add some more light, fresh blends into the mix and the ones that are offered up here will be able to give you that jolt of revival that you are going to need during the middle of the summer. Just think about being able to pull a blend like this out, have a couple of inhales and feel that wonderful taste wash over your senses. Sengoku Vapor is made to stun with their lovely blends that are always packed with only the absolute finest of ingredients. Their creativity shines with the way that they arrange their flavors to have balance and substance. That complexity and nuance really is key to how this juice has been able to garner such a massive fanbase of loyal followers. Kendo Man will stun with its interesting and unique arrangement of juicy blueberries, exotic pineapple and tart, tangy lemon that all work together like they were meant to be a trio all along.

Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Lemon, Pineapple