Key Lime Crumble - DNA Vapor

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Key Lime Crumble - DNA Vapor

You're going to crumble when you try this blend and realize that you've finally found that blend that can do it all. The two most frequent cravings for many of us are those for sweets and those for more juicy, refreshing tastes. This blend is able to effortlessly combine the two in the form of a classic dessert treat that's famous for the balance that it can bring to your pallet. It doesn't matter what the weather is outside or how much of your day was spent relaxing in the home, this is a blend that can give you the sweetness of a dessert without that common sense of decadence that can be heavy and weigh down your senses a bit. Every inhale of this juice will be able to fill up your senses and put you into a revived and contented attitude where let's face it, you just can't help but smile. DNA Vapor is a brand that makes some exceptional blends that will be reached for time and time again. Key Lime Crumble is your traditional key lime pie with a buttery, savory graham cracker crust.

Primary Flavors: Lime, Graham Cracker, Pie