Ki-Berry Pear Sour Ice - Smoozie E Liquid

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Ki-Berry Pear Sour Ice - Smoozie E Liquid

With a bold and impressive flavor, this blend is going to give you all of that impactful taste that you could ever hope for in a completely clean and smooth way. If you love a good fruit based juice, you are going to be all too familiar with the famous pairing of strawberries and kiwi. They are just so complementary to one another that you could swear that they were meant to be a match all along! This juice takes that lovely duo and adds in another factor that helps to keep this blend feeling modern and exciting. Add a little bit of well-needed vibrancy into your days with this dazzling array of flavor that is as impactful and impressive enough to have anyone feeling a little weak in the knees after trying it. You can't just vape this juice and find yourself anything other than impacted by its dynamic nature and that's what makes this selection something that every vaper that enjoys fruit flavors has to try. With every inhale that you take of this juice you are going to be in a state of mind that's so positive and optimistic, don't hold off from getting your hands on this blend any longer! Smoozie E Liquid comes up with blends that are absolutely jam-packed with authentic and well thought out flavor that play against each other perfectly to give you the most cohesive and enjoyable experiences possible. Ki-Berry Pear Sour Ice combines tart, exotic kiwi fruits with bold, summer fresh strawberries and some crisp, sweet, light pear that offsets the intensity of the other two and makes this juice so much easier to enjoy than ever. The addition of menthol really gives this juice an added boost.

Primary Flavors: Kiwi, Strawberry, Pear, Menthol