Ki-Berry Pear Sour - Smoozie E Liquid

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Ki-Berry Pear Sour - Smoozie E Liquid

Modernizing a classic pairing that's been tantalizing taste buds for years now, this juice is going to add a hint of sweetness into the mix that balances out those sour. more bold aspects. With that added bit of mellowness, this electrifying blend is going to be made so that it can be enjoyed throughout your busy days so that you can keep on getting that amazing, delicious flavor as long as you would like without ever becoming worn out. One thing that is really going to capture your attention at first is the smoothness that's been achieved in its fine-tuned formula. You are getting the best of the best in this vaping solution that has all of those features that any expert vaper looks for with a dynamic flavor that will add a lot of adventurous flavor onto your palate. Flavors like these don't come along terribly often and when you are able to come across something that is far out, individual and unique such as this selection, you just can't help but be intrigued and want to taste them for yourself. Smoozie E Liquid makes a wide range of really delectable blends that are going to add a lot of excitement into the mix and completely refresh and add new life into your collection. The amount of time and care that's gone into the development of all of their selections is extraordinary and will impress vapers of all experience levels. Ki-Berry Pear Sour will have your eyes watering with its tart and tasty flavor that combines exotic, sour kiwi fruits with fresh from the field strawberries and crisp, sweet, light pears that add just the right amount of balance into this impactful mix.

Primary Flavors: Kiwi, Strawberry, Pear