La Barrone - BordO2 E Liquid

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La Barrone - BordO2 E Liquid

Get out your elbow high gloves and put on your Sunday best because this vape juice is a high class, gourmet affair. Live your best life with this amazing blend that recreates the tea time favorite treat that will have you feeling like you're royalty. La Barrone by BordO2 E Liquid takes freshly baked lady finger cookies, moist, dense cupcakes and ripe, bright red strawberries, covers them in a sweet, heavy cream, then, blends it all together to make a delightful dessert blend. It brings together all of the most amazing, complimentary flavors that you crave and makes one super juice that will satisfy all of your needs. Like a strawberry shortcake with a gourmet twist, this juice is fit for even the highest of royalty. It possesses a complex taste and subtle notes that run through it, making for a flavor with the ability to keep up a high amount of interest that will last you a long time. La Baronne is so amazing, you will want to tell everyone you know, vapers or not, about it. Everyone who smells even the faintest whiff of it will demand to know what that scrumptious aroma is! Unbeatable, this tastes better than a dessert made to order from a high class, french bakery. Say goodbye to excess calories and get on to spectacular juices like this that give you all of the full, balanced flavor that you love without the drawbacks. La Baronne by BordO2 E Liquid is the best way to experience the tastes you love in a quick, easy on the go way that will ensure that you never, ever have to go without the flavors that you crave! It's time to blow out some yummy, fluffy clouds!

Primary Flavors: Cookie, Cupcake, Strawberry, Cream

PG/VG: 30/ 70