Leila - Boho Vape

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Leila - Boho Vape

Nothing says sunshine more like a citrus based blend, there is just something about that bright, light taste that can put you into a positive state of mind where your smiling and interacting with everyone that you run into. That infectious, joyful energy that it brings out in everyone makes blends that are based around those delicious flavors a must have. We all need a little boost every now and again, whether we have a day full of hard work ahead or some social obligations that you wish that you could back out of, it's always nice to have something around that can really give you that special spark that will always pop up and have you feeling like getting out there and making the very most of the day ahead. What a fantastic quality that will be something that backs up an already delectable flavor that can stand on that factor alone. As soon as you take an inhale of this flavor, it's going to be game over. You're not going to be able to put this selection down for even a second, it just really has that 'it' factor that pushes it to the very top. Boho Vapes is a brand that makes some of the most interesting, free-spirited and light-hearted blends that are always going to be able to come through and stay relevant. You just can't get sick of their different blends and as soon as you try one of their different options. Leila will capture your heart immediately with it's familiar, homey kind of flavor that has a nuanced complexity that gives it so much more life. A buttery, savory crust is filled with a tart and sweet lemon curd that keeps you on your toes.

Primary Flavors: Pastry, Lemon