Lemon - Big Bubble E Liquid

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Lemon - Big Bubble E Liquid 

Bring a little bit of zippy, zest into the mix with this juice that has an excellent taste that will be able to take you from dull and drab to packed with an infectious energy that grabs whoever tries its attention in an instant. There is no replacing a blend like this in your collection, you are most definitely going to want to have a juice like this around for those times when you require a quick pick me up in the middle of the day that will keep you on your toes and able to continuously smash goals. It is so easy to fall for a blend like this that marries together classic confectionary goodness with an authentic, bold fruit flavor to make for a juice that gives you a little bit of everything so that you never have to find yourself going without the tastes that you love. It's difficult to imagine just how they were able to combine tastes in such a skillful sort of way that makes sure that everything goes together in a cohesive sort of way that makes you feel just as impressed as can be. This is going to be that great blend that always comes through for you and can be loaded into your mod for those days where you could use a little reminder to keep things light and fun. Big Bubble E Liquid definitely lives up to its name with its way of making massive clouds of vapor that will turn heads wherever you go. They specialize in making bubble gum flavored juices that can take you back to those simpler times in an instant. The flavor Lemon gives you a super sweet gum base that is kicked up a notch with some super sour, tantalizingly tart lemon.

Primary Flavors: Lemon, Bubble Gum

PG/VG: 20/80