Lemon - Johnny Creampuff Salt E Liquid

Brand: Johnny Creampuff Salt E Liquid

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Lemon - Johnny Creampuff Salt E Liquid

Add a bit of zest into your routine with this stunning juice option that has this way of bringing a whole lot of freshness into a typically rich dessert blend. This balance that comes about from the masterful combination of flavors put into play here is like nothing else that you've ever had before. It really is astounding how they are able to take this taste that many of us are familiar with and bring it to life in this vape juice form that tastes just as good as the real thing, if not better. Why would you ever want to have to deviate away from a blend like this when it can hold all of those flavors and qualities that you've come to expect without any downsides? It's such a free feeling to be able to indulge yourself on those flavors that you crave so much without having to concern yourself with calories, sugar or any of the other things that can come along with going overboard on treats. Johnny Creampuff Salt E Liquid is a line that's doing something that's so different and fun. Their blends are all made with nothing but the best of the best ingredients and developed with your ultimate enjoyment in mind. It's easy to fall for their selections that are unlike anything else that's out there. Lemon is going to take your senses for a real ride with its combination of light pastry with fresh cream and a hint of zesty, sharp lemon that gives so much more dimension to this scrumptious option. You're never going to look back once you bring this simply stunning, gourmet juice into your life.

** This liquid is made with salt-based nicotine and not intended for sub-ohm vaping.***

Primary Flavors: Lemon, Pastry, Cream