Lemon Mint - Minute Man Salt E Liquid

Brand: Minute Man Salt E Liquid

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Lemon Mint - Minute Man Salt E Liquid 

Refreshment is this blends middle name with a flavor that is as crisp and impactful as a cool breeze off the ocean. If you need a juice that is going to be able to be enjoyed on those long trips where you just can't bring along a bunch of extra things with you, this is going to be the ideal solution for those issues and it is going to make you feel like you can get a satisfaction and flavor that will suit absolutely every mood that you can imagine. As you vape this completely unique blend, you are going to quickly find that it is the most versatile juice in your entire collection. It just has this great flavor that you can never get tired of and can always provide you with what you need, when you need it the most. We all need a juice that is similar to this in our repertoire and as soon as you can get your hands onto this blend, you are going to wish that you would have been able to find out about it much earlier. There is a clean, super fresh sensation that will hit your taste buds and bring you from a tired, lazy kind of mood into one that will have you buzzing around, accomplishing everything that you were hoping to and with loads of energy to spare. Minute Man Salt E Liquid creates some of the most delectable fruit based blends that you will ever come across. They just have this undeniable skill for juice production that is going to leave you unable to believe how great that they really are. Lemon Mint combines some zesty, perfectly sour lemon with a hint of sweet, fresh mint that pair together perfectly.

**This product contains salt nicotine and is not intended for sub-ohm vaping.**

Primary Flavors: Lemon, Mint