Lime Cream - Sodalicious E Liquid

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Lime Cream - Sodalicious E Liquid

It should be illegal for something to taste this good, it's fortunate that this blend has all of that special taste without any of the drawbacks. Lime Cream is a very unique blend that many have never had the pleasure of seeing before. So different and funky that any juice aficionados who think that they have tried everything there is will be jumping on the opportunity to taste this new and wonderful flavor by Sodalicious E Liquid. The well known bright and refreshing citrusy lime flavor that is packed with sweet flavor is given an upgrade with the addition of silky sweet cream. If you can't help yourself when you get a bottle of pop, this will be a great solution to your pop craving that has you drinking liters worth of the sugary stuff in no time. Have a gas free, bloat free and sugar free experience that puts the real thing to shame. Treat yourself every single day of the week with a juice blend that gives you all of the enjoyment with none of the drawbacks. Feel so happy when this taste hits your tongue and makes your heart skip a beat. It might seem impossible but this juice really accomplishes what many set out to do but can never make happen. A real soda taste that also creates a sensation that will put you in shock and awe. Citrus fruits and creams were always meant to be and this dynamic duo is so bold that it will turn heads. Your clouds are going to be dense, puffy and smell spectacular, the perfect kind of blend for impressing all of your friends with your cool vapor tricks. The refreshment you deserve is only an inhale away!

 Primary Favors: SodaLime, Cream